Religious Coexistence in a Low Countries Health Resort: Protestants and Catholics at Spa

Start: May 09, 2014 05:15 PM

Location: Senate House

Liesbeth Corens from the University of Cambridge will give a talk as part of the Low Countries History seminar series.

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‘From the sixteenth century onwards, the tiny water town of Spa in the Prince-Bishopric of Liège played host to the greatest and richest from all over Europe. Visitors were attracted to this secluded corner of the Low Countries to take the waters and participate in polite society. Within the little health town, individuals of all confessions and nationalities lived peaceably together, which has gained Spa a reputation of cosmopolitanism and modernity.

However, these are retrospective interpretations in light of the nineteenth-century leisure town. Piecing together medicinal treatises, travel accounts, and legal documents produced during the early modern period brings to light the medicinal and charitable motivations which shaped confessional coexistence in the town and which offer some old roots for seemingly brand-new Enlightenment ideals.’

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