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Designing inclusion into engineering education:

Designing inclusion into engineering education: A fresh, practical look at how diversity impacts on engineering and strategies for change

21 June 2018

In collaboration with the Royal Academy of Engineering and Katalytik, the Centre has produced a report on Inclusive Engineering Education. The report focuses on changes that can be made to the curriculum of undergraduate engineering courses to support inclusivity and diversity. Intentionally, it looks beyond pre-university activities designed to attract a diversity cohort, and instead focuses adaptations and interventions we can made to create a curriculum and an environment that supports, engages and empowers a diverse intake and builds from an ethos of inclusivity.

The aim is to make being inclusive by specifically addressing gender and bias within engineering the norm. Taking this approach and working towards an inclusive culture inherently means that this is not just an issue for women or any minority group, but an issue for all and it is in the hands of the leaders and deliverers of education in engineering to champion that change. Accordingly, the report calls for action directed at academics, administrators and accrediting bodies.