UCL Centre for Engineering Education


Engineering Education Master Classes in South Africa

21 June 2018

The UCL Centre for Engineering Education is delighted to announce funding from the South African Department of Higher Education and Training to collaborate to develop a suite of Engineering Education Master Classes.  These will be made available to engineering educators across South Africa over the next two years.

This project is a collaboration between two South African (University of Cape Town and the University of Johannesburg) and two UK universities (UCL and Aston University), to deliver a suite of opportunities for engineering lecturers to improve their theoretical and pedagogical knowledge. Master classes will be delivered face to face to participants in a highly interactive mode of teaching. These will be residential two-day workshops and Deans will be invited to nominate participants. Video materials based on the master classes will be produced and disseminated via a project website at the conclusion of the project. The Centre will provide a number of disciplinary experts from the UK to participate in a series of structured workshops that have the objective of developing courses focused specifically on introducing engineering educators to educational theory and method.