UCL Centre for Engineering Education


From Campus to Corporate: the Journey of the Engineering Graduate

21 June 2018

A key transition point for all graduates is the move from higher education into employment. In the case of engineering graduates, this transition is often marked by entry onto a corporate graduate development programme (GDP) and the beginning of a journey from campus to corporate capability building.

Working with a large, global engineering consultancy company, members of the CEE have used their expertise in the observation of work-based learning and professional education to enable the company to: – identify the learning potential of GDP induction sessions; – consider the contribution of the induction programme to the initial professional development of their graduates, and – reflect on how they might continue the development of the inter-professional skills engineers need for project work.

The methodology employed included the production of a detailed, reflective report for internal audiences. This was then followed by a discussion of the implications for the company.

Described by a company member as “A really insightful piece of work and so useful to us as we continually develop the programme”, the success of this initial project has led to further collaboration. Members of the CEE are currently engaged in observing work-based learning practices across the GDP. Reports of these observations will enable the company to consider the contribution of the programme to the continuing professional development of the engineering graduates it requires to continue to position itself competitively in the global market.

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