UCL Centre for Engineering Education


Frontiers in Education conference in Upsalla

12 October 2022

Centre for Engineering Education's John Mitchell and Ines Direito attended the ASEE/IEEE conference in Sweden.

After being moved online in 2020, the ASEE/IEEE Frontiers in Education finally made it to Upsalla, Sweden for its annual meeting. A spectacular setting for the opening in the Grand Hall of Upsalla University (founded in 1477 it is the oldest university in the Nordic countries) and dinner in the 16th-century royal Uppsala Castle (Uppsala Slott) set a memorable tone for a highly enjoyable meeting. Many friends and collaborators of the CEE where there to catch-up with as well as many opportunities to made new connections and sow the seeds of new projects.

The conference featured excellent keynotes from Anne-Katrin Peters of KTH, who called for an integration of climate change, radical justice and gender equality when we address social responsibly and from the founder of Raspberry Pi, Eben Upton. However, what stood out were the interactive discussion sessions that are a regular feature of FIE. Two sessions in particular on Reflecting on Faculty-Student Interaction and Well-Being in STEM and The Assessment Dilemma: Examining Our Practices Through the Lens of Equity and Fairness, provided a wealth of valuable discussion and ideas to bring to our practice.

Frontiers in Education 2022: https://www.fie2022.org/
ASEE (American Society for Engineering Education): https://www.asee.org/
IEEE: https://www.ieee.org/