UCL Centre for Engineering Education


Upcoming SEFI@Work webinars featuring CEE Staff.

31 January 2022

A number of CEE Staff will be presenting in SEFI@WORK webinars over the coming months.

SEFI@work: Growth mindset and the art of performing a systematic literature review - Tuesday, 8 February '22   12:30pm – 1:30pm.

Dr Anita Campbell of the University Cape Town will present the output of a research project involving Dr Inês Direito of the CEE.

SEFI@Work: Teaching societal responsibility through real life projects and challenge-based learning - Monday 28 March, 3-5pm CET

Professor Emanuela Tilley will present on 'Exploring social responsibility through context rich, interdisciplinary projects in the first and second years of engineering programmes'

SEFI@Work: Workshop: Responsible Research and Innovation in Engineering Education - 17 May, 2-4pm CET

Featuring Dr Kate Roach, speaking on how engineering ethics can be taught through the framework of Responsible Research and Innovation (RRI) and the ways that it might aid engineers in navigating the social and ethical space within the setting of engineering design projects.

SEFI@Work: Engineering Education Leaders' Vision on the Role and Prospects of Ethics - 22 June, 3-5pm CET

Featuring a panel including Professor John Mitchell, Co-director of the UCL CEE.