UCL Centre for Engineering Education


New Approaches to Engineering Higher Education: Case Studies

25 February 2019

Case study front cover image

In a new joint publication, the IET and the Engineering Professors Council (EPC) have identified six UK institutions that demonstrate successful new approaches to the way engineering courses and programmes can be delivered, which others may look to follow.

Since it was formed in 2017, the IET and EPC’s New Approaches to Engineering Higher Education Working Group has been advocating six ways that engineering education should be developed in order to create an effective skills pipeline between universities and industry that suits the needs of businesses, educators, students and the UK as a whole, which is lacking at present.

This paper features case study examples showing where new approaches are already being introduced in each of these areas. Readers will find out which universities we believe are excellent models of where strong progress is being made to advance creativity, diversity, project work, industry engagement, work experience and interdisciplinarity.

Each case study includes information on the course, the university’s views on the accreditation process and the learning experience from a student’s perspective.

UCL's case study focuses on the Integrated Engineering Programme as a great example of a new approach to greater inter-disciplinarity.

More information can be found on the IET website.