UCL Centre for Engineering Education


Entering papers in UCL rps

rps is UCL’s publication database. It is this database that feeds information to IRIS and Discovery.


All publications should be listed in rps and if possible the PDF should be upload. You can submit the PDF and library staff will check if it can be released under the terms of the copyright. In most instances this means submitting the final submitted version (not the version released by the publisher or conference), although this can vary.


Step 1: Go to rps.ucl.ac.uk


Step 2: Login using you UCL login.


Step 3: Some publications show up automatically from cataloguing services. If so they will show up as pending (you usually get an email to tell you there are pending publications) at the bottom of the list on the page. If they are yours (sometimes they are not) you can click on the link and claim them and they will be added to your record.


Step 4: To add a new paper, in the My Summary box, click the + add button on the top right.


Step 5: Select the type of publication you want to add.


Step 6: You’ll now be guided through adding the details. It will first try to search for the paper. If this is unsuccessful you can add the details manually.


Step 7 : You can now add the original paper to the records. Do this by uploading the file. Some publications allow the final published paper to be uploaded (although these are often open access anyway). In most cases the final submitted paper is a good bet. You can find further instructions on the UCL Open Access pages.