UCL Centre for Engineering Education


Activities of the CEE

Overview of the Activities of the Centre

The CEE is actively works with partners to enhance engineering education in the UK and worldwide. We do this through reports, research and events. 

  • White papers, reports and pubilc content: The CEE publishes research reports and thought-leadership articles in a variety of areas including the future direction of engineering education and around issues of diversity and inclusion. These are typically published with partner organisations.
  • Engineering Education Research Projects: The CEE undertakes a range of sponsored research projects with the aim of generating new knowledge and understanding to support the developmnet of engineering education.
  • Capacity Building: Working with partner organisation the CEE supports the development of engineering education capability worldwide.
  • Conferences and Symposia: The CEE organises national and international events to bring together educators and leaders to develop engineering education.
  • Events: Primariliy though the conversation series the CEE aims to spark debate on critical issues.