Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging



I'm an imaging scientist with an interest in a range of pathologies and a variety of tools here at CABI, where I look to find new ways of detecting and quantifying disease. Some research projects are described below. I also teach on our MSc in Advanced Biomedical Imaging and enjoy sporadic science lessons at primary and secondary schools. I'm the Chair of the British young European Society for Molecular Imaging group, forming a network of young scientists to enrich their conference experience.

Post-doctoral research project: New diagnosis measure of liver fibrosis. 

With Dr Tammy Kalber and Prof Mark Lythgoe

The UK Regenerative Medicine Platform is a network of funding bodies and researchers aiming to bring new cell-based therapies to the clinic. My work funded by the UKRMP involved developing a new method to selectively detect liver fibrosis using perfusion MRI. 

Magnetic targeting of iron oxide. 

With Matin Mohseni, Chris Payne, Yichao Yu, Dr Stephen Patrick and Prof Mark Lythgoe

Using the gradient sets of our MRI scanner, we use magnetism to attract iron oxide nanoparticles that are coated with drugs to tumours. The video below are from snapshots of the huge magnetic susceptibility artefacts from moving a ball bearing left-to-right through a viscous medium.

Photoacoustic imaging of kidney vessels. 

With Dr Ollie Ogunlade,  Dr Jennifer Huang, Dr Edward Zhang, Prof Mark Lythgoe, Dr David Long and Prof Paul Beard.

The pathology of polycystic kidney disease shows large fluid filled sacs in the kidney as well as a disrupted vasculature. Normally that is viewed using histology, but the images below use light absorbing properties of haemoglobin in blood vessels along with the photoacoustic effect to map the vasculature in amazing detail.


With Tom Roberts

The principles of image analysis are simple and can be applied to any dataset, even a ping pong rally.