Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging


CABI Directory

Mark Lythgoe, Director

Email: m.lythgoe@ucl.ac.uk

Mark Lythgoe is the Founder and Director of the Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging (CABI). Mark is also Deputy Director of the UCL Department of Imaging and Director of Biomedical Imaging Research at the Francis Crick Institute. Mark has a long-standing track record in the development and application of biomedical imaging techniques and has been awarded £43 million for his collaborative programme of imaging research. He has published over 200 papers including publications in Nature, Nature Photonics, Nature Medicine and The Lancet. Mark has translated his research findings into clinical radiological practice and established a training programme with University College Hospital in biomedical imaging. He founded the UCL Centre for Doctoral Training in Medical Imaging, which graduates around 15 students each year.

Current funding source: HEFC

Simon Walker-Samuel, Principal Research Fellow

Email: simon.walkersamuel@ucl.ac.uk
Phone: 02076796329

My research focus is the development of new imaging techniques for characterising the tumour microenvironment, principally using MRI and optical techniques. These developments include diffusion MRI methods for measuring tumour cell size (VERDICT), tumour fluid dynamics (convectionMRI and arterial spin labelling) and glucose metabolism (glucoCEST). With a focus on the translation of new techniques into the clinic, my research group and I are using deep learning to improve the quantitative modelling of MRI data, decrease imaging times and to actively control MRI scanners.