Centre for Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience


CDCN Seminar Archive

Dr Anna Jafarpour (University of Washington, Seattle, USA): Encoding and retrieval of the temporal organization of events (13 September 2021)

Dr David Nobbs: Building better measures for clinical trials with digital health technology: examples from ASD (5 July 2021) 

Dr Rhonda Booth: The mystery of the missing connection: neuropsychological profile of agenesis of the corpus callosum (21 June 2021) 

Prof Kate E. Watkins: Stimulating speech: auditory-motor interactions in production and perception (7 June 2021) 

Dr R Shayna Rosenbaum: Dissociations in spatial memory: insights from hippocampal amnesia' (17 May 2021) 

Dr Rachael Elward 'When the brain, but not the person, remembers- Cortical reinstatement is modulated by retrieval goal in developmental amnesia' (19 April 2021)

Dr. Tessa Dekker ' New approaches to studying childhood vision and what they reveal about neural functional development in health and disease' (23 March 2021)

Dr Saloni Krishnan 'Brain organisation in language development and disorder' (8 March 2021)

Prof Torsten Baldeweg 'Progression of Rasmussen Syndrome and Language Plasticity'(Access Passcode: 2zZCqY#m) (8 February 2021)

Dr Zanna Clay ‘The evolution and development of empathy: Insights from great apes and children’ (25 January 2021) 

Prof Marko Nardini ‘Learning to perceive with new sensory signals’ (7 December 2020)

Dr Marina Davila-Ross ‘An evolutionary reconstruction of laughter and smiles in great apes and humans based on the principle of parsimony’ (23 November 2020)

Dr Alexandra M. Hogan ‘Neurobehavioural Assessment in the Context of Surgery....... Wait! - COVID-19: Researchers, Interrupted’ (9 November 2020) 

Dr Aswin Chari ‘Controllability of Brain Networks in Paediatric Epilepsy’ (26 October 2020) 

Seminars 2011 - 2014 

Workshops & Engagement Events

Summer 2019: Space, Art and Healing: Through the Lens of an Astronaut & Artist 

Two public engagement events and one outreach workshop were held between 5th - 7th June on the theme of Space, Art and Healing. Video footage to follow! 

Autumn 2019:Astronauts bring science and art to GOSH

An exciting event  as former NASA Astronaut Nicole Stott joined us at GOSH bringing two wonderful art projects, as part of Space for Art Foundation’s mission to raise awareness of childhood cancer. The aim was to provide well-being activities that help children heal and feel connected to space through art. We were also joined by Tim Peake via skype on the day!

Summer 2012: "The Rise and Fall of Memory across the Lifespan"

Autumn 2012: "Navigation and Spatial Memory in Terrestrial Spaces"

Autumn 2011: "The Emerging Social Brain"

Summer 2011: "The Neural Basis of Paediatric Mental Health"

Spring 2011: "From Genes to Cognition"

Autumn 2010: "Imaging in Children"