Centre for Doctoral Training in Russian, Slavonic & East European languages and culture


Letter Template for Requesting Entry to Archives

[Should be printed on university headed paper]

Для предъявления по требованию


Уважаемые господа [or name of archive director, if known]!

Настоящим прошу разрешить [Your title and full name in Russian and in English (in brackets) here], [your institutional affiliation here], работать в фондах Вашего учреждения. [your name here] выполняет исследование для докторской диссертации [or master's thesis, change as appropriate] по теме [theme or title of your project here]. [your name here] ведет диссертационное исследование под моим научным руководством.

С уважением,

[Supervisor's signature and name]

[If you can have this stamped by the university, this always looks good]