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Antony Kalashnikov (Oxford)

Antony Kalashnikov

Stalinist monumental art and architecture, and the 'immortalization of memory'.

Supervisors: Prof Dan Healey and Prof Polly Jones

My research explores the policy of the 'immortalization of memory' under the Stalin regime in the former Soviet Union, in the years 1932-1953. This policy led to the construction of monumental art and architecture marking important events and individuals. As I hypothesize, monuments, memorial plaques, public art installations, landmark buildings, etc., were intended to produce (idealized) representations of contemporaneous events and individuals, and pass these down to posterity.

This research project explores the various actors involved with 'immortalization of memory' and the motives of this policy. It also traces the ways that the goal of 'immortalization' influenced the style and form of Stalinist monumental art and architecture. Aside from seeking to reinterpret Stalinist art, the research aims to contribute to a more nuanced understanding of Stalinism's relationship to the future.

Contact: antony.kalashnikov@history.ox.ac.uk