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Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Journal July

Latest Quarterly Journal of:
Cognitive Neuroscience

(Volume 7: January 2014)

2012 Impact Factor: 3.160

Research Projects

We have a number of research projects going on throughout this Centre.  Details of the projects will be posted on an ongoing basis as and when they become available for recruiting participants.

Dr Sharon Geva -

Dr Eva Zita Patai -

Read more about the Hypoxia project.....

We are currently recruiting healthy babies between 2-4 months old to take part in our study about about the developing functions of the human brain. Travel and lunch expenses will be refunded and you will receive a voucher for a book or toy for your baby as a token of our appreciation for you and your child's help with our research.  For further information or to apply, please contact:

Dr Eva Zita Patai -

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  • Neuroimaging Investigations of Language to Aid Paediatric Neurosurgical Decision-Making: 

    We are currently recruiting healthy children between 5 and 16 years of age.  Participants will have the opportunity to visit Great Ormond Street Hospital for fMRI scanning, will undergo intelligence and language neuropsychological assessment, and will receive a £10 gift voucher and a picture of their brain to take home! For further information or to apply, please contact:

Ms Louise Croft -

Read more about the Neuroimaging Investigations project.....

Ms Rosie Coleman -

Dr Caroline Skirrow -

Dr Torsten Baldeweg -

Read more about the Functional and Structural Brain Imaging project.....

Dr Naomi Dale - (NHS) or (Academic)

Dr Michelle O'Reilly - michelle.o'

Dr Elena Sakkalou -

Optimum VI project
ICH Neurosciences Unit
4/5 Long Yard

Telephone: 020 7599 4124

  • Socio-cognitive Skills in Children with Visual Impairment:

We would like to work with children between 8 and 12 years with visual impairment with disorders affecting the eye, retina or anterior optic nerve.

We are also recruiting a comparison group of children with typical vision in the same age range.

For further information or to apply, please contact:

Mr Joe Bathelt, MSc (PhD Student) -

Read more about the Socio-Cognitive Skills project.....

  • The Child Vision Lab at the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology are always looking for children and babies with healthy vision to take part in research studies. We have a range of fun studies for children of all ages investigating the development of vision and the other senses.
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  • We are currently recruiting healthy girls between 11 and 16 years of age. This study investigates how memory and social cognition interact during adolescence. It lasts around 1 hour, and includes computer, verbal, and written activities. The study takes place at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL, WC1N 3AR, near Russell Square tube station. Participants will be reimbursed £8/hour for their time and we will also pay for participants (and parent’s/guardian’s) tube or train travel costs within central London. For further information or to apply, please contact:
  • Ms Kathryn Mills -

We are currently recruiting healthy girls between 10 and 13 years of age.
This study investigates changes in the brain during adolescence in a task that requires making comparison judgments about people and towns. It is an fMRI study, therefore we will first need to make sure that the participant can go in the scanner, mainly that she is not claustrophobic or has asthma, and does not have any metal in/on her body (this includes dental braces).  The study takes approximately 2 hours in total, and will take place at the Birkbeck and UCL Centre for Neuroimaging (BUCNI), WC1H 0AP, between Euston station and Russell Square tube station. The participant will be reimbursed £20 for her time and will also receive a picture of her brain.  For further information or to apply, please contact:

Dr Iroise Dumontheil - or 020 3073 8008