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Thursday April 24th, 1pm
Prof Justin Blau, NYU
Title: How flies time: Neurobiology of the Drosophila circadian clock
Host: Prof Ralf Stanewsky
Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT


Friday April 25th, 1pm
Dr Benedetta Ruzzenente, Max Planck Institute
Title: RNA Metabolism in Mitochondria: Lessons from the Mouse
Host: Prof Michael Duchen
Venue: Medawar G02 Watson LT


Thursday May 1st, 1pm
Dr Setsuko Sahara, MRC - Kings
Title: Control of cortical neuron number
Host: Prof John Parnevelas
Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT


Thursday May 8th, 1pm
Prof Robert Lightowlers, Newcastle University
Title: Mitochondrial gene expression in humans: a tale of two tales
Host: Dr Gyorgy Szabadkai
Venue: Medical Sciences 131 A V Hill LT

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Prof Sandip Patel

Prof Sandip Patel

Professor of Cell Signalling


Office: 020 7679 4437
(Int: 34437)


Intracellular Calcium Mobilising Messengers
Increases in cytosolic calcium levels are pivotal for the regulation of a wide range of cellular processes. Paradoxically, calcium can activate opposing cellular fates and understanding how calcium exerts such exquisite specificity is a subject of intense study. Different extracellular stimuli may utilise distinct combinations of intracellular calcium mobilising messengers to generate specific calcium “signatures”. These temporally and spatially complex calcium signals can then be decoded by the cell to achieve a given cellular response.

Areas of interest

Nicotinic Acid Adenine Dinucleotide Phosphate (NAADP) - A Novel Intracellular Calcium Mobilising Messenger
We are investigating the role of the newly described calcium mobilising agent, nicotinic acid adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NAADP), in the control of calcium dynamics in several systems including sea urchin eggs, pancreatic acinar cells and neurons. Projects are aimed at characterising the spatial aspects of NAADP-induced calcium increases using digital imaging techniques, measuring cellular NAADP levels in response to physiological stimulation, defining the enzymatic route for NAADP synthesis and metabolism and identifying the putative NAADP receptor and enzymatic machinery at the molecular level.


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