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Thursday April 24th, 1pm
Prof Justin Blau, NYU
Title: How flies time: Neurobiology of the Drosophila circadian clock
Host: Prof Ralf Stanewsky
Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT


Friday April 25th, 1pm
Dr Benedetta Ruzzenente, Max Planck Institute
Title: RNA Metabolism in Mitochondria: Lessons from the Mouse
Host: Prof Michael Duchen
Venue: Medawar G02 Watson LT


Thursday May 1st, 1pm
Dr Setsuko Sahara, MRC - Kings
Title: Control of cortical neuron number
Host: Prof John Parnevelas
Venue: Anatomy G04 Gavin de Beer LT


Thursday May 8th, 1pm
Prof Robert Lightowlers, Newcastle University
Title: Mitochondrial gene expression in humans: a tale of two tales
Host: Dr Gyorgy Szabadkai
Venue: Medical Sciences 131 A V Hill LT

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Phil Lewis

Phil Lewis

Affilated Academic Staff

Room 137 Medical Sciences Building
Research Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

Contact Details

E-mail: philip.lewis@ucl.ac.uk

External: 020 7679 3325.

Internal: 33325


PGSE Canterbury Christ Church University, 2010

PhD Imperial College London, 2006

MSci Physics Imperial College London, 2001

I am working as an eLearning Designer for the SysMIC course. This is a BBSRC funded collaboration to create an eLearning course in systems biology.


I joined the High Energy Physics group at Imperial College after receiving my MSci. Initially I worked on grid computing for the CMS experiment. This led to a PhD working for the DØ experiment at the Tevatron near Chicago. My work focused on distributed computing and B meson measurements, and I worked to help produce the first direct limits on the B_s mixing parameter. This is an important measurement in verifying the Standard Model of Physics.

After completing my PhD I worked for a Biotech company: deltaDot. Here I helped develop the analysis software for their CE (Capillary Electrophoresis) instruments; in particular working to optimize the code and increase the software usability. I was also involved in an experimental programme to develop new techniques in CE.

I moved into education in 2009 and studied for a PGCE in Secondary Science. This was in association with the Imperial College INSPIRE group, who work to bridge the gap between research and teaching. I then worked for Kings Solomon High School, teaching physics up to A-level and general science up to GCSE. Following this I began work developing eLearning resources for students, which led to my current role at UCL.


My aim is to help create a comprehensive eLearning course that is stimulating, social, and that will leave a legacy of useful information and resources.

To do this I am interested in:

- innovative ways of presenting interactive course content.

- developing methods for managing course progression through self-assessment and peer assessment.

- developing infrastructure and methods to encourage the formation of a self-supporting community.



DØ experiment

Paper on B_s mixing

Paper on a novel approach in electrophoresis

Imperial College INSPIRE

Physics eLearning app

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