Centre for Cardiovascular and Metabolic Neuroscience



Name Department Email 
Prof Mark Lythgoe Centre for Advanced Biomedical Imaging  m.lythgoe@ucl.ac.uk 
Prof Dmitri Rusakov Institute of Neurology d.rusakov@ucl.ac.uk 
Dr Jack Wells Centre for Advanced Biological Imaging jack.wells@ucl.ac.uk
Prof Andrey Abramov UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology a.abramov@ucl.ac.uk


 Name Institution  Email 
Prof Nicholas Dale University of Warwick  n.e.dale@warwick.ac.uk 
Prof Vagner Antunes University of São Paulo antunes@icb.usp.br
Prof Clive May The Florey Institute clive.may@florey.edu.au
Dr Song Yao The Florey Institute song.yao@florey.edu.au
Prof Felipe Barros CECs fbarros@cecs.cl
Prof Gregory Funk University of Alberta  gf@ualberta.ca 
Prof Fiona Gribble University of Cambridge fmg23@cam.ac.uk 
Prof Sergey Kasparov University of Bristol  sergey.kasparov@bristol.ac.uk
Prof Ida Llewellyn-Smith  Flinders University  ida.llewellyn-smith@flinders.edu.au 
Prof Julian Paton The University of Auckland j.paton@auckland.ac.nz
Prof John Pernow Karolinska Institute  john.pernow@ki.se 
Dr Frank Reimann  University of Cambridge  fr222@cam.ac.uk 
Prof Guy Rutter Imperial College London  g.rutter@imperial.ac.uk 
Dr Jeffrey Smith NIH  jsmith@helix.nih.gov 
Prof Andrew Tinker  Barts and the London Medical School  a.tinker@qmul.ac.uk 
Dr Diana Williams Florida State University  williams@psy.fsu.edu
Prof William Wisden Imperial College, London  w.wisden@imperial.ac.uk