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Supercooled Water

7 years ago

Supercooled water in a bottle is poured over clay, forming ice instantly....


Quantum hydrogen bonds

9 years ago

We compare the effect of the quantum mechanics of the nuclei on hydrogen bonds with strengths ranging from weak, to intermediate, to ...


water TiO2

9 years ago

In this simulation we see a collection of water molecules interacting with a TiO2 surface. If you watch carefully you can see that one ...


Best supercooling demo .... ever!

10 years ago

Here we show the phenomenon of supercooling of liquid water to a chemistry PhD student.

The water has been cooled to a temperature ...


Surface mediated proton transfer

10 years ago

This movie shows a surface mediated proton transfer between two equivalent dissociated states of a water dimer on the (001) surface of ...


George's 1970 supercooled water lecture

10 years ago

Our 1970s science expert George demonstrates the phenomenon of supercooling. In this experiment, we have cooled water to a temperature ...


The group is involved with various outreach activities. In 2010, we contributed to the Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition. Other activities include making movies to communicate our research and explain science, and this year we even developed an iPhone game which aims to illustrate the formation of ice crystals.

Below you can see several things: information about our stand at the Exhibition, as well as photos, and links to various movies made by the group.

Slideshow from the exhibition

Although the Exhibition is over, you can still see our videos, vote for your favourite "Water Girl" in our online poll, and download our "Waterfall" iPod Game (note that the competitions associated with this that we ran during the Exhibition are now closed).

Please enjoy a selection of photographs from the event



iPhone/iPod game "Waterfall" now available

The ice caps are melting, you have to rebuild them one water molecule at a time! Waterfall is a simple, fun, and highly addictive game that teaches you about ice and nanoscience.

Get the game now and practice before coming to the Exhibition and competing against the world's best Waterfall players for lots of exiting prizes...

Download it for free either from the iTunes App Store or Koolistov.net

Scan QR code to get Waterfall game


Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition

A molecule's eye view of water

Royal Society Summer Science Exhibition
Southbank Centre, London
25 June to 4 July (2010)

We all use water everyday but how many of us know about its mysterious and unexplained special properties?

Using the latest high-tech computer simulations we are trying to understand water and ice on the nanoscale.

Come to our exhibit at the Southbank Centre in June to see super-cooled water freeze instantly, see ice sink in water, and try melting ice crystals in a simulation on one of the world's fastest supercomputers.

Sincere thanks go to our sponsors, the organisations that provide us with funding and resources, and others who have helped out. The credit for our display belongs to the organizers.


"Waterfall" game competition

First prize was a fantastic holiday for two to the ICEHOTEL in Swedish Lapland with Discover the World.

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Other prizes included dinner for four at belowzero restaurant in London and Ice-Watchwatches from Peers Hardy Ltd.



Sponsors and Funding


Maria Baias, Matt Barber, Jochen Blumberger, Javier Carrasco, Steve Cox, Erlend Davidson, Ross Kelly, Jiri Klimes, Zinzheng Li, Angelos Michaelides, Andrew Morris, Chris Pickard, Zamaan Raza, Christoph Salzmann, Biswajit Santra, Ben Slater, Jonathan Tennyson, Giovanna Tinetti, Brent Walker, Matthew Watkins, Milena Wobbe, Caspar Wood, Changjun Zhang

Special thanks

Marjan Colletti, Marcos Cruz, Gosia Janczak, Ray Mathias, Denise Ottley, Kevin Thurlow, Andy Turner, Adrian Hill.