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Dr. Piero Gasparotto Postdoctoral Research Associate, now at ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Dr. Sam Azadi Postdoctoral Research Associate, now at King's College, London, UK

  Dr. Martin Fitzner PhD student, now at Roche, Basel, Switzerland   Dr. Wei Fang PhD student, now at ETH Zürich, Switzerland
Dr. Ji Chen Postdoctoral Research Associate, now at Max Planck Institute for Solid State Research, Germany   Dr. J. Gerit Brandenburg Feodor-Lynen Research Fellow of the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, now at University of Göttingen, Germany   Dr. Philipp Pedevilla PhD student, now at Deloitte, London, UK
Dr. Yasmine S. Al-Hamdani PhD student, now at University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg   Dr. Gabriele Cesare Sosso Postdoctoral Research Associate, now at University of Warwick, UK   Dr. Chiara Gattinoni Postdoctoral Research Associate, recently at Imperial College London, UK
Dr. Ming Ma Post Doctoral Research Associate now at  Tel Aviv University, Israel   Dr. Erlend Davidson PhD student now at Imperial College London, UK   Dr. K. Thor Wikfeldt Post Doctoral Research Associate now at Nordita, Stockholm, Sweden
Dr. Changjun Zhang Post Doctoral Research Associate now at Nature Publishing Group, London, UK   Loic Roch Summer Student, now at University of Zurich, Switzerland   Dr. Biswajit Santra PhD student, now at Princeton University, USA
Dr. Xinzheng Li Postdoctoral Research Associate, now at Peking University, China   Dr. Brent Walker Postdoctoral Research Associate, now at Fujitsu, London, UK   Dr. Javier Carrasco
Newton International Fellow, now at CSIC, Spain
Dr. Jiri Klimes Postdoctoral Research Associate, now at University of Vienna, Austria   Dr. Anna Kimmel Postdoctoral Research Associate, now at UCL and National Physical Laboratory   Dr. Bo Li PhD Student, now at Institute of Metal Research, ShenYang, China
Dr. Limin Liu Postdoctoral Research Associate, now at Computational Science Research Center, Beijing, China   Dr. Jie Ma PhD Student, now at NREL, USA   Dr. Ding Pan PhD Student, now at UC Davis, USA
Dr. Xiaoliang Hu PhD Student, now at SISSA, Italy   Nanaxhi Colomer M.Res. Student   Damien Jefferies M.Sci, now at University of Southampton  
Dr. Gabriele Tocci PhD Student, now at EPFL, Switzerland   Dr. Gabriella Graziano PhD Student, now at UCL   Dr. Steve Cox PhD Student, now at the University of Cambridge, UK  


Memory Lane


(left to right): Bo, Xiaoliang, Angelos, Limin, Sami; (front): Scruff....


(left to right): Biswajit, Xiaoliang, Angelos, Javier, Ding, Limin, Bo; (front): Scruff...


(left to right): Xiaoliang, Javier, Jie, Angelos, Biswajit, Anna, Limin, Jiri, Bo...


(left to right): Xinzheng, Jiri, Xiaoliang, Javier, Changjun, Angelos, Erlend, Jie, Bo, Limin, ...


(left to right): Steve, Erlend, Javier, Biswajit, Angelos, Jiri, Brent, Xinzheng...


(left to right): Angelos, Steve, Biswajit (up), Jiri (down), Javi (up), Gabriele (down), ...

November 2011

(left to right): Gabriele, Steve, Jiri, Angelos, Thor, Gabriella, Erlend, Kathryn, Yasmine, Ming...


(left to right): Angelos, Steve, Gabriella, Nanaxhi, Yasmine, Ming, Gabriele...

May 2014

(left to right): Chiara, Laurent, Yasmine, Philipp, Angelos, Gabriella, Steve, Gabriele, Javier, Wei...

Dec 2014

(left to right): Philipp, Chiara, Steve, Gabriella, Martin, Gabriele, Wei, Ji, Yasmine...

September 2015

October 2016