3 new post docs and 1 new PhD have joined us this semister

Outstanding new people have joined us!

Ji Chen: He finished his PhD in Enge Wang‘s group at ICQM, Peking University. He is an expert in molecular simulation and have lots of experience in DFT, MD and PIMD simulations.

Gabriele Sosso: He did his PhD in Università di Milano-Bicocca with M Bernasconi. Then he did a post doc in Michele Parrinello’s group at ETH. He specializes in phase transition and metadynamics simulation, and he have profound experience with developing force fields with machine learning.

Andrea Zen: He did his PhD with Cristian Micheletti at SISSA, working on biopyhsics. Then he did a post doc with Leonardo Guidoni. He is an expert in Quantum Monte Carlo.

Martin Fitzner: New PhD student. He did his master degree in Germany on toplogical insolators using DFTB methods.

They will all be working on the big ERC project on ice nucleation.

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