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External Surveys

In addition to collecting our own feedback on your experiences of using UCL Careers Service to help us improve the services we provide, many organisations conduct market research/opinion polling on a local or national level to gain information on student experiences whilst at University.

These surveys often include research into areas surrounding graduate employment and though the purpose of individual surveys and how their results are published varies immensely, they can be a good way of getting your thoughts and feedback out to a wider audience.

Please note however that as neither the Careers Service nor UCL have any involvement with these surveys or control over any data that you submit to external organisations, we strongly recommend for your own benefit that you read and are happy with any terms and conditions relating to these surveys before completing them.

Current surveys available to complete include:

Potentialpark International Study
This survey looks into the communication between students and employers.

Every respondent will receive a gift certificate from Pizza Express worth £3 to be used in the UK. You also get the chance to win the new iPhone 5.

What's in it for me?

  1. You will shape the future of online recruitment so that it will become easier to find the right career opportunities and to apply for jobs online.
  2. We will share the results with you, if you want.
  3. You will learn more about the latest trends in online recruitment and gain insights that will be valuable for your own career.
  4. You get the chance to win the latest iPhone or iPad.
  5. Every respondent will receive a gift certificate from Pizza Express worth £3 to be used in the UK.

Every year, the study is read by many of the top employers worldwide and influences the development of career websites, mobile phone applications and social media communication.

The survey is anonymous. It is independent and not sponsored by any company. The results will be published in media worldwide in the spring 2013.

Please visit the Potentialpark website to take part in the 15 minute survey.

Thank you, and have fun!

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