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Sustainability Fortnight

Sustainability is a hot topic. Increasingly more employers, are looking for students with sustainability skills and literacy. And not just in environmentally focused jobs, but in engineering, retail, urban planning and many more! Environment week reveals the breadth of opportunities in this rapidly growing sector and introduces you to leading organisations. View the Sustainabiliy Fortnight schedule.

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Careers in Sustainability - a UCL guide - A guide from UCL Careers on careers in sustainability. Discover the roles available, employer directories, key job sites, sample internships and graduate schemes, opportunities for under-represented groups, professional bodies, industry insights, and how UCL can support you.

 Sustainability Week 2022

  • Careers in Sustainable Business and ConsultingCareers in Sustainable Business and Consulting - watch here.
  • Careers in Sustainability Research, Policy and Governance - watch here.
  • Careers in Carbon, Climate and Energy - watch here.
  • Writing a CV for the Sustainability Sector - watch here

Sustainability Fortnight | 2020/21

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Writing a CV for the Sustainability Sector

With competition intense for sustainability-focused opportunities and recruiters having to review CVs at speed, it’s important you know how to market what you have effectively. In this session, we’ll understand what employers are looking for, review example CVs for best practice and show how best to market yourself effectively for a specific sustainability position.

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Careers in Conservation & Heritage

Want a career that has a direct impact on creating a sustainable planet? This panel looks at opportunities within conservation, including wildlife, ecology and the climate crisis plus the importance of heritage in the preservation and conservation of our surroundings. Guests include staff from Wildlife for All, Green Alliance, Love The Oceans, ICCROM and JLL.

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Careers in Sustainable Business

Interested in roles relating to how businesses are making their practices sustainable? Want a career in sustainability investment, product management, supply chain or consulting? Find out more about the reality of day-to-day roles, highlights and challenges as well as advice on routes in and sourcing relevant experience. Guests include staff from Fairtrade, Abundance Investment, Allplants, Fever Tree and Orsted.

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Careers in Sustainable Infrastructure

Interested in power, water, buildings, architecture, transport, and all those things that make our city work? This panel takes a look at how sustainability is impacting our infrastructure and the types of careers you could get involved in to support this change. Join us for this panel event.

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Sustainability Fortnight | 2019/20

Sustainability Fortnight | 2018/19

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Hot Topics Presentations

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Sustainability Fortnight | 2017/18