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Are you looking for a career that makes a difference to people’s lives? From data to governance and diagnosis to treatment, Health Week has got it covered. Meet people who are working in a diverse range of health careers and hear their career stories. Network with professionals who are working in rewarding careers who are keen to share their experiences with you. View the Health Week schedule.

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Careers in Health - a UCL guideA guide from UCL Careers on careers in health. Discover the roles available, employer directories, key job sites, sample internships and graduate schemes, opportunities for under-represented groups, professional bodies, industry insights, and how UCL can support you.

Careers in Health Week | 2020/21

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Careers in Frontline Healthcare

If you enjoy working with people and want to make a real impact in people’s lives, then you’ll value our this video where you’ll hear from healthcare professionals and those training to work directly with patients and clients in a health focused role.

Professionals with experience in the areas of Medicine, Speech and Language Therapy and Midwifery will feature.

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Careers in Health Week | 2019/20

Life & Health Sciences Week | 2018/19

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Life & Health Sciences Week | 2017/18