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Interested in a career that makes a difference? Government & Policy week is your chance to hear from those working at the heart of government; people who influence policy; and leaders in the public sector. View the Government & Policy Week schedule.

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Careers in Government and Policy - a UCL guide - A guide from UCL Careers on getting into the government and policy sector. Discover the roles available, employer directories, key job sites, sample internships and graduate schemes, opportunities for under-represented groups, professional bodies, industry insights, and how UCL can support you.

Government & Policy Week | 2021/22

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Government & Policy Week | 2020/21

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Introduction to Government & Policy Careers

Join representatives from the Civil Service: Fast Stream in a talk introducing careers in this exciting sector.

Watch Introduction to Government & Policy Careers and download the full transcript on Mediacentral

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In this discussion exploring the multidisciplinary nature of working in Government, learn about the various routes you can take to get into the Civil Service and how you can adapt your experiences if you are thinking about pursuing a career in this area.
In this panel, we hear from Project Manager from the Cabinet Office, a Financial Planning Adviser from the Ministry of Justice, a worker in the Fraud Policy Unit, a Generalist, all working in the heart of government.

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Find out what a career in policy is really like from entry-level to senior roles in a range of government departments and benefit from tips about how to effectively influence policy makers, whilst hearing the discussion about the most important skills to be successful in this area.
In this panel, we hear from a Policy Advisor from HM Treasury, aSenior Policy Advisor at DCMS, a Non-Executive Board Member of HM Revenue & Customs, a specialists in Internal Communications & Stakeholder Engagement in DEFRA, and a Senior International Policy Advisor at the DCMS.

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Implementing Policy Part 1

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Implementing Policy Part 2

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Implementing Policy Part 3

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Implementing Policy Part 4

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Implementing Policy Part 5

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Implementing Policy Part 6

International Governement and Policy Interviews

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Aron Kerpel-Fronius, Policy Officer at the European Commission

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Alia Md Saleh, Principal Assistant Director at Ministry of International Trade & Industry, Malaysia

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Lucas McCall, Deputy Director at Global Affairs, Canada

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Joonsoo Yi, Field Representative at US House of Representatives



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Working in Non-Political Think Tanks
An interview with Dr Moira Faul, Executive Director NORRAG, Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies, Geneva

Government & Policy Week | 2019/20

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Government & Policy Week | 2018/19















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Government & Policy Week | 2017/18