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Charities & NGOs Week

Are you interested in working for the charities and not for profit sector? Not sure what roles there are and where to start? Gain insights from professionals, helping you discover what jobs you can do and learn how to market yourself to employers in this competitive sector. Events cover a range of career paths including Campaigning, Policy, Public Engagement, Fundraising, Research and Operations roles. View the Charities & NGOs Week schedule.

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Careers in Charities & NGOs - a UCL guide - A guide from UCL Careers on getting into the Charities & NGOs sector. Discover the roles available, employer directories, key job sites, sample internships and graduate schemes, opportunities for under-represented groups, professional bodies, industry insights, and how UCL can support you.


Watch video: Getting into Charities & NGOs (2022)

Watch video: A Recruiter's Perspective (2022)

Watch video: How the voluntary sector is changing and what that means for your job hunt (2022)

Watch video: Creating Social Purpose – finding a career that makes a difference (2022) 


Panel event recordings


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Creating Social Purpose: How UCL Can Support You

Do you want to give back to society? Perhaps you’re thinking of volunteering or you want to do some social good, such as creating a social enterprise. This workshop style event will help you on that journey! Learn how you can start being part of something bigger than yourself. With Oliver Peachey (UCL Volunteering Students’ Union) and Kaitlin Fritz (UCL Innovation & Enterprise).

Watch Creating Social Purpose: How UCL Can Support You and download the full transcript on Mediacentral


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Behind the Scenes Roles in Charities & NGOs

From this panel event, you will discover more about the work that goes on behind the scenes in charities and NGOs, including roles in media, IT, fundraising and management. Featuring guests from: Save the Children International, Unicef UK, British Heart Foundation, WWF-UK, MindOut, and The Royal Naval Association.

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Getting into Charities & NGOs

In this video, you will hear from recent UCL graduates and experienced professionals working in the Charity and NGO sectors about their career to date and gain top tips on how to get a foot in the door.

From volunteering to internships, gaining experience can give you the edge when applying for graduate roles.

Including speakers from The National Trust, Ambitious about Autism, Leonard Cheshire, Save the Children, Breaking Barriers and Scaling Up Nutrition Civil Society Network (SUN CSN).

Watch Getting into Charities & NGOs and download the full transcript on Mediacentral

Interviews and case studies

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Watch our interview with Gabby Edlin, former UoL student and founder of Bloody Good Period who has featured in Stylist MagazineBuzzFeed and About Race (the podcast series by award winning author and journalist Reni Eddo-Lodge).






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Watch our case study of Victoria, UCL student currently completing an internship with Body & Soul, on Mediacentral

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Watch our case study of Minna, UCL student who volunteered with Alsama Project, on Mediacentral

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Watch our case study of Julia, UCL student who volunteered with CREW Energy, on Mediacentral

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Watch our case study of Hannah, UCL student who volunteered and worked for BEAT, on Mediacentral

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Watch our case study of Mayra, UCL student who completed an internship with MarAlliance, on Mediacentral







Sam, UCL student who volunteered with Age UK



Charities & NGOs Week | 2019/20

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Charities & NGOs Week | 2018/19

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Charities & NGOs Week | 2017/18