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Alumni mentoring

" I received some useful information and now I have a pretty good idea regarding my career prospects.

Whether you're a student or graduate, UCL alumni can help you make the most out of your career journey. If you're considering your options and want the inside track on sectors and roles you're interested in, talking to a past UCL student could be interesting and useful for finding out more.

Alumni mentors can help you find out more about the reality of certain jobs, sectors and professions based on their personal experiences. You'll be able to speak with them directly and ask questions to find out what they enjoy about their job, the challenges and advice on how to get into the sector.

The UCL Alumni Online Community is a database of around 10,000 UCL alumni spanning a wide range of professions, many of whom who have volunteered to give informal advice to UCL students and graduates considering their career options.

What won't it cover?

Alumni mentoring and informational interviewing, is a great way to find out more about a job or industry but your mentor won't necessarily be a contact who can help you secure a job. Always keep this in mind.

Read our Alumni-Mentee guide to find out how to make the best use of the mentor-mentee relationship. 

How do I begin a mentoring relationship?

Visit the UCL Alumni Online Community site.

You can register through LinkedIn, Facebook or an email address and choose your own password. If you have any questions about the Alumni Online Community please contact the Alumni & Supporter Care Team by emailing alumni@ucl.ac.uk or calling 020 3108 3833.

Remember, mentors have volunteered to be involved in this scheme so they will be keen to talk to you. Their time is valuable, so do your best to work around whatever way of making contact works best for them. It's important you have an idea of what sort of information will be most useful to know, so do some preparation and go armed with an idea of what you want from the conversation and relationship.

We've also compiled some questions that you may want to ask your mentor to help you to find out more about their job. You can generate even more useful and important questions by thinking about your own job priorities and interests. 

Download our recommendations for useful mentor questions.

To find out more about how you can use the people around you or other professional networks, please read through the networking resources suggested on our online library – Careers Tagged.

UCL Connect

UCL alumni are a diverse and talented global community which you are a part of for life after you leave UCL.

After you graduate, you will have access to UCL Connect, the professional development series for alumni.

UCL Connect offers a range of services including award-winning professional networking events to meet fellow alumni who are leaders in their sectors, free online mentoring, webcasts and lots more.

The UCL Alumni Website is your global alumni community of more than 200,000 former students of UCL. Your relationship with us continues long after graduation so make sure you keep checking back for the latest news, event invites and opportunities to stay connected with UCL and one another.