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Researchers' programme

" We found the fair an invaluable experience for us as a company and believe that it is important to promote alternative careers to students wanting to leave academia: Coulter Partners

UCL has over 12 000 research students and staff, many of whom are interested in pursuing a career outside academia.

We organise a range of employer-led events in collaboration with the Doctoral Skills Development Programme that will allow you to engage with PhDs and researchers who are keen to hear about opportunities in your sector.

Employer forums/fairs

Sector specific forums/fairs typically attract between 40 and 100 researchers interested in finding out about working in different roles in a particular industry.

Ranging from a panel discussion showcasing employer perspectives to intimate tabletop fairs with a few select employers, these events can help you raise the profile of your company amongst the UCL PhD / researcher community.

Employer-led career skills workshops

These events give you the opportunity to help researchers develop their employability skills in areas such as teamwork, leadership, presenting and networking.

Delivering these workshops raises your profile, provides a good opportunity for continuing professional development for your staff and can help you identify potential future recruitment candidates.

Each workshop typically has around 25 PhD/researcher attendees.


All researcher events are free for organisations to take part in.

To find out more and get involved, please contact careers.researchers@ucl.ac.uk / 020 3549 5935.