UCL Careers for Employers


Statement on Speaker Diversity & Inclusion

Our students are keen to find out what diversity means for different employers, and how organisations celebrate and engage with it.  

Historically, Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) speakers and exhibitors are under-represented at our events, creating a visibility and role model barrier for our students and graduates. By bringing different perspectives and lived experiences, we hope to enhance the event experience for all. We would therefore ask you to please consider the representatives you send to our events with this in mind.

Alumni representatives can particularly make a positive impact on student perceptions of career journeys and organisational cultures and indeed what may be possible for them, so we would encourage you to consider inviting UCL alumni working in your organisation to attend our events and offer to speak to their own lived experiences in terms of advice for current students.

Whatever the background of the speakers representing your organisation at events, we would advise that they are familiar with any initiatives within your organisation around equality, diversity, and inclusion, and are therefore confident answering questions about them, as this will be of significant relevance and value to our students. 

Lack of diversity in your industry may of course take other forms, such as gender parity, disability inclusion, and LGBTQ+ support. Please consult with the event organiser, if you have any queries or concerns about representation at our events and we would be happy to advise and support you.  

If you have a potential speaker in mind who might not have much experience in this forum, please rest assured that our event organisers would be very happy to support them in their preparation. Please raise this with your event organiser to discuss.