UCL Careers for Employers


Develop skills and knowledge


Employer-led skills sessions

A mix of panel discussions, interactive workshops, (including half day assessment centres), and one-to-one coaching delivered by you, the recruiter, helps our students develop the key skills you need in the workplace.


Sector insights events

A series of skills workshops, presentations, panel discussions and networking forums focussing on a particular industry area. These bespoke events are an ideal way of raising awareness of your sector and helping students build professional networks. 


In departments

Get involved with bespoke employer programmes for students on specific courses. Potential activities can include a range of events such as panel discussions, skills development workshops, case study exercises, fairs and more.

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Work Related Learning in Faculties

Connect with students from specific faculties and support their engagement with your industry, through events and training opportunities. 


Researchers' programme

These interactive workshops and panel sessions will allow you to help our research students and staff to develop employability skills in areas such as teamwork, leadership, presentation skills and networking. 


Competitions and business challenges

If you are organising any type of activity, (which could be individual or team based), which will help develop key skills for those interested in working in your sector, let us know and we can help you promote these.

Alumni mentoring

If you have any UCL graduates working for your organisation, please encourage them to join the Alumni Relations LinkedIn group as this is a great way to connect with current UCL students and support them in their career planning while also raising awareness of your company / sector.