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" The CVs you sent me were excellent. All the candidate profiles matched the requirements of the job description. [The selected UCL student] was a candidate that really stood out… it was a pleasant surprise as it’s often difficult to source candidates. Overall, I would have interviewed all the candidates. (Splash Damage)

UCL Talent Bank is a targeted shortlisting service to help you source good quality UCL candidates efficiently. 

We will market your opportunity to relevant current UCL students, graduates and Ph.D. researchers, making clear your selection criteria.

We will then match candidate applications to your role and send you a shortlist of suitable applicants.

Read about employer CoreStream’s experience of recruiting interns through UCL Talent Bank.

We would like to hear from you if you have:

  • Exclusive roles for UCL candidates and summer internship roles.
  • Vacancies suitable for Ph.D. researchers.

Enquiries: talentbank@ucl.ac.uk or call 0203 549 5925

Engineering opportunities

We also run a dedicated Engineering Talent Bank service for our Engineering Faculty and would like to hear from employers from across all engineering fields. 

As we are currently recruiting for a new Internships and Vacancies officer, please contact talentbank@ucl.ac.uk for employer enquiries.

Terms and conditions

As this service is currently free it is primarily designed for SMEs and not for ongoing recruitment for larger organisations.

All employers that use the UCL Talent Bank service will be asked to sign the UCL Shortlisting Services Terms of Engagement and ensure the vacancy complies with The Careers Group’s standard advertising guidelines

As UCL Talent Bank is a shortlisting service only, the employer will be responsible for complying with all the legal requirements related to recruiting an employee.

Employers are reminded that it is their duty to meet all statutory legal requirements including UK Employment legislation such as Right to Work legislation and the Equality Act (2010) so that the adverts and selection criteria are not unlawfully discriminatory.