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Analytical and Critical Thinking Skills

Your ability to apply logical thinking, break down complex problems into manageable components objectively, and make a reasoned judgement by evaluating information.

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Explore your understanding

Applying analytical and critical thinking to a task is about being able to look at a situation and examining it carefully.  Paying attention to detail, remaining focused and having determination are all key elements to apply to this process.

During the recruitment process, industry case study scenarios are sometimes used to test your analytical skills. Employers are looking to see that you are able to critically look at data, evaluate the information you have and produce proposals for suggested actions.

Find and develop your skill

 How can you improve your analytical and critical thinking skills at UCL? 
There is a lot of support here to help you develop this skill!

  • Employer–led Skills Session:
    Attend a skills session delivered by employers to learn more about developing your analytical and critical thinking.  You could also try coming to a Mock  Assessment Centre where you can practice solving applying logic and evaluating information as part of a group task. 

    Visit myUCLCareers for upcoming events

  • Students' Union UCL:
    Join a club or society that challenges your critical thinking, such as the Consulting Society, Law for All, the International Relations Society, or even come up with your own proposal if you identify a gap. 

  • Go Abroad:
    UCL Go Abroad programmes encompass an enriching selection of worldwide opportunities tailored to support UCL students to perform at their full potential and further develop their problem solving skills. Attend an event to learn more about the global opportunities available both short term and longer term as part of your degree.

Postgraduate Researchers:

Prepare your examples

Course projects are also a great way to develop your skills. Do you have a group project that you are working on? Was there any type of evaluation involved?

Prepare some examples of when you have had to analyse a large amount of information. Look at the processes you applied? What information did you have to support you?

Can you describe the effects or impact of trends to a particular industry sector?

Think about a piece of research, report or dissertation you completed? What analysis and evaluation processes did you use and why?

Can you describe how you have developed your analytical and critical thinking skills whilst at UCL?

Need some support on how to apply analytical and critical thinking?
Visit our 'Psychometric and aptitude tests' page to see the different examples of problem solving and situational judgement tests.

Get support on how to structure answers on analytical and critical thinking as part of an interview.

Visit our Interview Skills page.

Here you can find out more about how to structure your answer and demonstrate your skills along with many more resources that will help you prepare.

If you have written a draft application for any type of opportunity, our team can provide personalised practical tips and advice to help you better understand how recruiters will shortlist your application, and how you can best demonstrate your motivation and your most relevant skills / experience.