UCL Careers


Safety tips

UCL Careers and our parent body The Careers Group, University of London make every effort to ensure all information on our job sites, emails and other publications is up-to-date and accurate. 

If you have any concerns about the legitimacy of an opportunity that appears on our job sites or that has been emailed to you by UCL Careers, please do contact us before applying.

Please also be aware however that some organisations may try to defraud students by targeting you directly claiming to offer work or other opportunities in an attempt to gather personal data and/or bank details.

Where these are received, please be aware that:

  • No employers have direct access to the personal data stored on your myUCLCareers account profile and we also wouldn't pass on any contact details stored there to external organisations.*
  • Employers are able to post vacancies through the myUCLCareers job site and details of these can be automatically emailed to you but, these vacancy updates will all be sent from careers@ucl.ac.uk and will be based on your myUCLCareers profile settings so you shouldn't receive anything careers related that you're not expecting.
  • If job related emails are received from any other source, particularly ones which ask you to reply with additional information about yourself or provide bank details¬† or pay money to the sender, these are highly likely to be spam or phishing emails. UCL ISD provide useful guidelines on this topic - find out more about the Information Security Awareness course.
  • Reporting spam. The guidelines above also include information about how to report phishing emails so we would encourage you to flag the details via the appropriate channels if you've been targeted - particularly in cases where senders are trying to scam students out money.
  • You should also be aware that your UCL email address is made publicly available via the UCL directory - again, guidelines on how this directory works are provided by ISD so they should be the first point of contact if you have concerns about the security of your email account.

Further guidelines about identifying potential job scams and what to do if you're unsure are provided by The Careers Group.

*If you submit an application to UCL Careers for a vacancy that is listed on myUCLCareers through one of our shortlisting services, only your application will be passed on to the employer if successful and you should then expect to be contacted by them directly.