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Interpersonal Skills

The ability to communicate, interact and build relationships with others.

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Explore your understanding

Interpersonal skills are used in a variety of contexts on a daily basis. These might include taking part in a seminar, delivering a presentation or working on a group project.

Employers are looking for candidates who can communicate effectively, interact with others within a team, and build positive working relationships with colleagues.

Understanding more about your own ability to communicate and being able to adapt your style to different situations and audiences is a key part of developing your interpersonal skills.

Find and develop your skill

Where can you improve your interpersonal skills at UCL? 
There is a lot of support here to help you develop this skill!

  • Employer–led Skills Session:
    These sessions, delivered by employers, will help you to develop your skills in communicating and interacting with others through workshops and group work, employer networking and discussion events. You can also attend 1:1 practice interview sessions!

    Visit myUCLCareers for upcoming events.

  • Innovation and Enterprise:
    These workshops and events offer great networking opportunities to develop your skills in communicating and interacting through making connections with like-minded peers and building your network. Attend a networking session to see for yourself.

  • Students' Union UCL:
    Joining a club or society within the Students’ Union is a great opportunity to develop your communication skills and receive further training. It’s a great way to work closely with others on shared goals in a social setting – whether it’s chairing a meeting or negotiating change – or even discussing a book as part of the UCL Book Club, taking part in a discussion as part of the Debating Society, or joining the Communication Society. They also offer a great range of workshops open to all students. 

  • Volunteering:
    UCL’s Volunteering Services Unit partners with more than 400 local charities to promote their volunteering opportunities. Work closely with others on a variety of volunteering projects and learn about adapting your communication to a variety of audiences.

  • Widening Participation:
    Become a student ambassador with the UCL Widening Participation Office for the chance to meet other UCL students from a wide range of courses and backgrounds and develop your interpersonal skills. UCL students who are involved in Widening Participation activities receive appropriate training and gain experience of working with young people. Read more about how you can get involved with Widening Participation.

Postgraduate Reaearchers:

Prepare your examples

Do you have a group project that you have worked on? What skills did you learn from this?

Think about a time where you listened to the opinions of someone else. How did you respond to them?

Have you noticed a time where a colleague has not been communicating as much? What steps could you take? What did you learn from this?

Want more support on how to structure answers as part of an interview?
Visit our Interview Skills page.

Here you can find out more about how to structure your answer and demonstrate your skills along with many more resources that will help you prepare.

If you have written a draft application for any type of opportunity, our team can provide personalised practical tips and advice to help you better understand how recruiters will shortlist your application, and how you can best demonstrate your motivation and your most relevant skills / experience.