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GradClub: What we do

What we do

Getting your voice heard could land you a job

Fri, 03 Jul 2015 10:54:13 +0000

This post orginially appeared on the UCL Careers Researchers blog New research published in Psychological Science has shown that written job pitches pale in comparison to the spoken word. When scientists at the University of Chicago asked people, some of them professional recruiters, to evaluate student job pitches, they responded better to videos and voice […]


Programme Manager: Inspire Me

Thu, 02 Jul 2015 10:38:37 +0000

As part of our #UCLInspireMe series, Nicola Harwood, Programme Manager at the Prince’s Trust, talks to us about how she got this role and shares some tips for UCL students who want to get into the Third Sector. “I have worked at the Trust for 3 years now, starting off supporting schools with excluded young […]


Finding disability-friendly employers

Tue, 30 Jun 2015 08:45:35 +0000

This article originally appeared on the Reach blog. Researching employers is a great way to help find out which company would be a good fit for you. Targeted research can reveal employers’ attitudes and their corporate social responsibility aims, helping you to find a supportive environment. Employer directories and reviews There are a few employer […]


Graduate Stories and Feedback

Read recent case studies and feedback from graduates and employers who have used and benefited from engaging with UCL Careers GradClub...

Read the job hunting journeys of GradClub members from a mix of different levels of study and subject areas.

Their short testimonies detail how they approached and engaged with the world of work, the job hunting techniques they built upon and the support they received through GradClub.  You might find this information and advice proves useful and inspiring as well as helping you to understand more about what might be relevant and applicable to your own job search.

Read the case studies here

A selection of feedback about the one-to-one coaching, workshops and events from recent users:

"GradClub helped me in obtaining my graduate position in investment banking. Firstly, the graduate literature available allowed me to research fully the positions and roles within investment banking. I also attended the UCL graduate scheme 3-day summer school event in September, which gave me an insight into the schemes and allowed me to network with recently recruited graduates in fields such as banking and accounting. Finally, once I had a few assessment centre invites, I attended a skills workshop assessment centre (sponsored by Teach First) and a 1 to 1 mock interview with a careers adviser. I believe that if I had not made use of the GradClub initiatives I would not have been made the offers that I had within the first 6 months of graduating."

"The CV coaching and application form brainstorming helped me immensely in cleaning up, focusing and being able to angle my CV to different jobs, including the year long semi-paid internship I got at a charity (sourced through the UCL JobOnline system).  My current job also started out as a part-time job that I got through The Careers Group, and using a CV completed with feedback from a GradClub coach. The simple fact of having a really professional, up-to-date and enthusiastic careers service means so much for an undergraduate and a graduate in these times."

''The careers coaching was very focused, energetic and helped clarified a lot of things.  It's sometimes hard to see all the issues when you're in the middle of it all! I received specific help on application form questions - how to angle them etc. I also also received great tools (handouts) with relevant vocabulary etc I could use in the future. The 1-1 CV coaching was also useful: the coach was very clear, to the point, and made me understand the fundamental issues with my then current CV, and gave me great tools I could apply in the future.''

"I found the careers workshops particularly useful.  I'd even go so far as to say they were invaluable in a) getting fast tracked to a number of assessment centres and then b) securing my current grad job as a marketeer. Having attended the 3-day graduate scheme summer schools and workshops I felt better prepared to approach employers and also prepared for assessment centres which can be really daunting."

"I had a very thorough and informative consultation with one of the advisers. My adviser made sure that I had a good understanding about the UK job market, my strengths and weaknesses, and how I can achieve the best out of the consultation. He also provided me detailed feedback on my CV which we discussed during the consultation, and a list of websites/organisations I should be looking at. The whole service was tailored to my personal needs, which I found was difficult to achieve otherwise (eg. by reading job-seekers' manuals)."

"I really like the fact that with a Gradclub 1 to 1 you can arrange to see the same careers coach. It allows you to build a rapport with the Gradclub coach and makes the experience more personal."

"The 1 to 1 Careers coaching was great, as I could get advice on my specific questions/ it's personalised to everyone's needs. I personally had questions regarding getting into top companies with a 2.2 degree, a topic on which there is not much information available otherwise."

"The coaches take time to understand cases properly and then recommend solutions as well as specific sources to refer to in the Careers Service which is of immense help. It helps to give you an idea of the requirements employers are looking for in a particular field.  You can then create tailored Cvs for every job you are applying. I took help from UCL Careers Service and managed to pass the first hurdle from my very first job application. The GradClub workshops are diverse and useful and they really offer you the opportunity to understand the graduate job market and also network with top employers from various backgrounds."

"I went to the GradClub 3-day Summer School in September mostly out of a sense of fear about my own impending joblessness. Within 10 minutes I knew I had come to the right place to get practical advice and general reassurance. It was really helpful to chat to people who were on graduate schemes and to get their advice. The Summer School gave me answers to questions I wouldn’t have thought to ask. It was as useful for making me think of new ways to impress employers as it was for giving me advice on the traditional approaches. More than anything I felt reassured that although the job market is tough at the moment, there are still plenty of spaces for UCL graduates, especially if they have had a bit help from the careers service."

"I learned how to create a CV that would better showcase my skills and experience and capture employers’ attention, as well as how to formulate and write cutting edge applications. I also now know how to excel and feel at ease in hostile interview and assessment centre situations and now understand the rules of what I like to call ‘networking etiquette’ which I finally feel relaxed about and confident to do. My advice to any sceptical graduates would be to try a few careers events and then make an informed judgment for yourselves. The results I have so far received from road testing my recently gained networking skills may help you to decide. I recently landed myself two face-to-face, informal interview meetings with influential managers in major companies, who have shown a keen interest in progressing my application after seeing my newly reconstructed, far more impactful and impressive CV."

"What I personally found valuable was the chance to talk through the 'code of conduct' at careers fairs: I was given useful tips for networking with prospective employers and colleagues which may significantly enhance our chances of getting that elusive graduate job. I would definitely recommend talking to the UCL Careers Service. It offers ideas and inspiration for current students and graduates like you and me, and teaches some useful techniques, 'rules of the game' which can be creatively applied in the rigorous graduate selection process."

Participating employers have given their feedback on the GradClub 3-day Graduate Scheme summer school event held annually in September:

“This event and the overall support UCL are giving to recent graduates/current students is very beneficial and provides them with a head start before the market goes live.  The advice and expertise given by UCL staff was very relevant and covered the main aspects of graduate recruitment. The additional feature of a panel of graduates who have been there, done it and are now employed on graduate schemes was key as it is something UCL students can relate to and the opportunity to then have a chat over lunch with them plus HR staff was invaluable.”
Mohit Malik, Graduate Consultant from Transport for London

“Running a summer graduate school for UCL students is a brilliant idea. This is an opportunity for them to learn more about how graduate programs work and for us to meet them and tell them what we are looking for. We will definitely be part of it again next year and we strongly encourage students to take part in those kinds of event as it will help them to improve the quality of their application.”
My Anh Nguyen, Procter and Gamble

“The summer event was well organised and it was great to meet such enthusiastic students and to be able to provide them with an insight into the opportunities at Grant Thornton. The students were asking informed and knowledgeable questions specific to an accountancy career. It was a good opportunity to meet at UCL which is local to the Euston office and build relationships with the students.  The summer school event is really focused on building knowledge and skills to aid the students.”
Richard Herbert, Audit Trainee at Grant Thornton