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Mirriam Domocos

BSc Applied Medical Science student Mirriam undertook an internship New York City using Turing Grant funding to explore contributions to medical research and grad school options in the United States.

UCL student Mirriam.

Tell us why you wanted to undertake a global research placement.

I chose New York City because there is such an immense contribution to medical research from the U.S. Alongside other cultural interests, there are many good institutions in New York which I was taking into consideration on where to go to grad school. However, due to financial difficulties coming with an internship, I was unsure whether I would be even able to pay for my visa, accommodation, flights and so on. Thankfully, I got awarded the Turing Grant and I was able to attend my internship abroad. I wish I knew more on proper planning and project management because these are vital things when doing a project by yourself. However, I learned much on that during my internship.

What kind of impact did the placement have on your future plan?

The biggest impact from the Turing-funded research placement was that I was offered to start my PhD at their lab. 

Top tips for undertaking a placement in the United States:

  1. Definitely go into New York City as much as possible. Go into the following museums: MET, MoMa, etc. 
  2. Visit The Summit!
  3. Talk to fellow staff, make connections, ask for help if you’re unsure, but also start to look and familiarise yourself with the basics of your project.