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Further your career or make a unique contribution to your field of study by choosing a graduate degree.

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UCL offers a variety of degree programmes which include the opportunity to undertake substantial, in-depth research and make an original contribution to your chosen field. 

Research programmes may start at any time of the year but typically begin in September. Most programmes are available to study on either a full-time or a part-time basis, and students will be expected to centre their academic activities around UCL, attending meetings as required by their supervisors (although it is possible to register as a non-resident MPhil/PhD student).

Possible benefits

Allows entry to some professions: Academic career, Research psychology

  • Other research careers -can be an advantage and /or allows entry to senior research positions e.g. Commercial R&D, medical communication, policy or cultural work, curator, advisor roles within think tanks etc.
  • Other benefits -Greater credibility, deeper knowledge, developed skills, more experience, wider contacts, international flexibility.

UCL Careers online resources

UCL Careers have online resources dedicated to helping you find and apply for research positions.