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“The event was very useful as the employers gave plenty of valuable advice - from confidence to better time management.”

All recruiters look for evidence of a range of skills that will make applicants effective in the workplace. Based on recommendations from the AGR, (Association of Graduate Recruiters), UCL Careers has put together the Skills4Work Programme.

Run in partnership with UCL Union*, this series of employer led workshops, panel discussions and one-to-one coaching sessions will help you understand what recruiters are looking for and how to develop and promote your skills more effectively.

Panel Format

Up to 5 graduate recruiters from a variety of sectors come together to talk about a particular skill. They will each give their views on what that particular skill means to them as a recruiter, how they look for evidence that applicants can demonstrate competency in that skill throughout the recruitment process and will also give tips on how to develop the skill through a variety of activities while at UCL. There will then be a chance for the audience to ask questions.

Workshop Format

These sessions are more interactive where 2-3 graduate recruiters will work together to run a workshop style exercise to help you practice using the skill in question.

Recruiters Involved

The Skills4Work programme focuses on skills which are common in any graduate job. You therefore do not need to be interested in applying to the companies who are involved with a particular panel or workshop as the focus will be the skill, not the sector they work in.

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Employer-led Application Coaching

Through the Skills4Work programme, a range of graduate recruiters have volunteered to offer 1-1 coaching on writing CVs, cover letters, personal statements and / or application forms.

Even if you're not applying to their company, you can get a recruiter's view on any application you've written and they'll suggest tips for improvement in terms of what recruiters generally look for in applications and what will make yours stand out from the crowd.

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Employer-led Interview Coaching

The face to face interview is a process which practically every student will go through at some point in their career. Even if you're not expecting to attend an interview in the near future, this 30 minute role-play exercise with a Graduate Recruiter will help you practice typical interview questions for graduate schemes and internships. You'll receive feedback on your performance during the session and have chance to address any other concerns you have about the interview process.

Details of which recruiters are taking part can be found in the programme below but, please note, the aim of these interviews is to give you a chance to experience a graduate level interview firsthand and practice your general interview skills so the interview won't be based on questions about specific roles or the company themselves but will instead focus on typical interview questions/scenarios common to the sector that each employer works in.

The interview practice will therefore be useful even if you're not applying to the employer who's running the session.

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If you expect to attend an employer's assessment centre this year, for either a graduate job or internship, then you can practice first by attending this practice assessment centre.

Each session is provided by a range of employers from different sectors. You don't have to be applying to the employers or sectors involved as they will be running general exercises typical of assessment centres run by any company.

You will complete:

  • an e-tray exercise
  • a group exercise
  • a presentation

and receive feedback on how you have performed in each area.

You will also have the chance to network with the graduate recruiters taking part in the event.

Outcomes: Participating in this session will enable you to:

  • Increase your familiarity with the range of exercises used by graduate employers in assessment centres
  • Identify your own strengths and weaknesses across a range of assessment centre exercises
  • Use feedback from actual graduate employers to improve your performance at assessment centres
  • Approach real graduate assessment centres with increased confidence

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*Booking Queries for UCLU run Skills4Work Events

All queries relating to anything you see on the Skills4Work.net site which is organised by UCLU should be directed to the UCLU Skills4Work Co-ordinator / 020 76791357.

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