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Digital Skills

The knowledge and ability to access and manage information from a variety of digital sources and to appropriately use a range digital tools.

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Explore your understanding

Upskilling your digital skills is a huge area to develop, as there are so many options to choose from. What employers are looking for in terms of digital skills will often be linked to the needs of the business overall.

However, you’ll find that you will use digital tools every day— this could be through reading an email, preparing presentation slides or updating a spreadsheet. Both as part of your studies and extra-curricular activities, there are many opportunities to develop your digital skills further.

Find and develop your skill

 How can you improve your digital skills at UCL? 
There is a lot of support here to help you develop this skill!

  • Information Systems Division (ISD) Digital Skills Development:
    Access a wide range training opportunities with ISD, where you can develop your digital skills through face-to face training, drop in sessions and online learning.
  • LinkedIn learning:

    Using LinkedIn learning will support you to further develop not only your digital skills but also your overall skills development. This free set of resources will enable you to access a huge range of video tutorials.

    We will shortly be introducing a collection of tutorials to support with your skills development.   

Prepare your examples

Think about a time where you have had to use software for a project? What did you learn from this?

Have you developed your digital skills whilst at University?

Want more support on how on demonstrate your digital skills on your applications or CV?
Visit our Applications Advice page.

If you have written a draft application for any type of opportunity, our team can provide personalised practical tips and advice to help you better understand how recruiters will shortlist your application, and how you can best demonstrate your motivation and your most relevant skills / experience.