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How to get immediate feedback on your CV

Current students get free access to VMock - an online tool that can provide immediate tips and advice on how to improve your CV.


2 November 2021

Read time: 2 minutes 

Getting started 

Register with VMock using your UCL email address.

Receiving immediate feedback

Once you have done this, upload your CV and you will get an instant report on its content and layout.

Enhancing your CV

You can also enhance your CV with two computer-powered tools. 


  • Achieve a personalised score for up to 10 CVs based on specific recruitment criteria
  • Gain instant assessment on areas such as presentation, language and skills
  • Receive customised guidance to create a robust impact on recruiters

SMART Editor

  • Convert and create your CV using customised templates
  • Gain live feedback and instant score improvements
  • Download your tailored CV in either PDF or Docx format

Top tip: We would encourage you to use this tool to work on and improve your CV before booking an Application Advice Appointment with us. 

Further online resources

If the roles you are applying for do not require a CV and you need to submit any other type of application documents, such as a cover letter, personal / motivation statement, or PhD proposal etc, then you still have access to lots of useful online resources too.