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Charities & NGOs

Interested in a career that makes a difference? Explore charity and non-governmental organisation (NGO's) sector throughout the year.


Interested in a career that makes a difference?

Getting into Charities and NGOs can be competitive, but you can find success by learning from leading organisations and professionals. Their experiences will show you what this sector is really like and how to find a route into a fulfilling career.

Join us for an exciting week of virtual panel discussions, followed by Q&A sessions.

How to prepare

We have put together a number of resources and events to help you explore this sector further. Gain tips on routes into the industry from experienced professionals and learn what you can start doing now to increase your chances of success!


Booking is now closed until 2022/23. 


Event recordings from Charities and NGO's events from previous years are available in our archive. These include complete panel discussions and in-depth interviews with experts.