UCL Career Frameworks


Recruitment and Talent - grade 9

Example job roles: Head of function; Recruitment, Resourcing, Talent

Level: Senior


Activities and responsibilities likely to be required when working at this level

  • Play a key role in ensuring UCL has the right people with the right skills in the right roles at the right time.
  • Develop a broad understanding of labour markets across a number of sectors and industries, understanding of relevant labour markets (e.g. Engineering) and of national/ international challenges to current skills, anticipated future skills at an organisational level.
  • Able to create and use new methods of workforce planning tools and formulating pan-institutional strategies to compete across multiple labour markets.
  • Able to lead operational teams of recruiters and develop KPIs.
  • Oversee performance reviews, ensuring high completion rates and that outcomes are of a high quality. 
  • Identifies people who fully demonstrate UCL Ways of Working and inspirational leaders.
  • Works to ensure there are consequences to the extreme cases of high performance and sub-optimal performance.
  • Identifies key strategic developmental themes with the population, managing interventions as well as coordinating succession- planning programmes.
  • Will work to ensure visibility of key contributors (staff who have high potential and/or have skills/expertise that are critical to UCL’s future), and that development/retention/knowledge management plans are in place.
  • Oversees learning and development nominations.
  • Will lead in the development of inclusive people practices and will attend to interventions required for under-represented groups and skills shortages, such as technical skills per UCL’s Technician Commitment and securing local responsibilities for recruiting and onboarding entry level apprentices.
  • Designing recruitment and talent strategies in line with best practice EDI guidance, working with UCL stakeholders to implement initiatives to improve and simplify the recruitment and talent experiences across the organisation;
  • Defining and role-modelling organisational principles and values, ensuring that UCL leads the way in fair and inclusive practices and processes relating to talent and recruitment; working with stakeholders to implement positive action initiatives, where appropriate, to support UCL 2034 goals.

Personal and professional development

Development options to consider when working towards this level

Learning on the job

  • Expand current knowledge of labour market by overlaying with institutional understanding.
  • Experience of developing KPIs relevant to organisation and aligned with best practice.

Learning from others  

  • Taking an active role in or creating forums/networks/communities of practice in related areas to enhance own knowledge and understanding.
  • Maintain and manage strategic stakeholder relationships.

Formal learning

  • Explore CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) or REC (Recruitment and Employment Confederation) level training related to resourcing/talent (suggested level 7).

* You may wish to explore the listed formal training themes / topics on LinkedIn Learning.

Transferable skills and competencies

UCL uses the Universal Competency Framework (UCF) to discuss transferable skills. Find out more details on the framework.

Persuading and influencing

  • Making an impact.
  • Shaping conversations.
  • Appealing to emotions.
  • Promoting ideas.
  • Negotiating and gaining agreement.
  • Dealing with political issues.

Adhering to principles and values

  • Upholding ethics and values.
  • Acting with integrity.
  • Utilising diversity.
  • Showing social and environmental responsibility.

Formulating strategies and concepts

  • Thinking broadly.
  • Approaching work strategically.
  • Setting and developing strategy.
  • Visioning.

UCL Ways of Working

These describe expected behaviours in line with UCL culture and values.  For Ways of Working indicators and steps to development please refer to the Ways of Working website

Career Pathway roles are indicative and are not intended to be a description of the role in terms of responsibilty and duties.