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Event management

The event management family sits within the Communications and Marketing (CAM Plus) practice area. An example career pathway could take you from Events Assistant to Head of Events.

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What is Event Management?

Event management at UCL is the application of project management to the creation and development of large- to small-scale events such as festivals, open days, graduation ceremonies, meetings, receptions, conferences and many more.

Someone who is responsible for running an event may need to be aware of how to brand the event to fit within UCL guidelines, understand appropriate channels available to engage with their target audience (student, staff, external) and coordinate the technical aspects before actually launching the event. Depending on their experience, they may need to know about the tools and services available to UCL staff to help them with planning the pre- and post-event activities.

Role Profiles 

Career case study

Sonia Abrams

Sonia Abrams

Senior Events Manager (Live Events)

Meet Sonia