UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


test Functional Gene Annotation

Biocuration captures biological knowledge and facilitates its integration into databases thereby making the data easily accessible for visualisation and analysis.

Lead: Professor Ruth Lovering

Group Members: Dr Rachael Huntley, Dr Barbara Kramarz

We curate the scientific literature to provide;

Gene Ontology (GO) annotations to the GO Consortium

Protein interaction data to the IMEx Consortium

To date the annotation team at UCL has provided 12% of the GO annotations associated with human gene products, and contributed to the creation of almost 3000 new GO terms. We are currently funded by Alzheimer's Research UK and we have previously been funded by the British Heart Foundation and Parkinson's UK to annotate proteins and microRNAs. This gene product functional information enables researchers to rapidly evaluate and interpret data and generate hypotheses to guide future research into cardiovascular and neurological processes and disease.

The Functional Gene Annotation team is supported by Alzheimer's Research UK (grants ARUK-NAS2017A-1 and ARUK-NSG2018-003) and the National Institute for Health Research University College London Hospitals Biomedical Research Centre.