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Student Profiles - BHF Cardiovascular Biomedicine programme

Our students, in their words – find out what it's like studying at the Institute of Cardiovascular Science

Research Students on British Heart Foundation Cardiovascular Bioemedicine programme

Annalisa Bettini

PhD Project Title: Redefining iPSC-Derived Cardiomyocyte Delivery using a Pro-Survival Substrate

Supervisors: Professor Richard Day

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Kaloyan Takov
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PhD Project Title: Cardioprotective and proangiogenic activity of stem cell-derived small extracellular vesicles

Supervisors: Prof Sean Davidson and Prof Derek Yellon

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Benjamin Ringham-Terry
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PhD Project Title: PhD Cardiovascular Biomedicine
Project title 1: The role of BCAR1/p130Cas in angiogenesis.
Project title 2: Role of SHOC2 complex in RAS-ERK pathway dynamics in cardiomyocytes.

Supervisors: Dr Paul Frankel, Dr Pablo Rodriguez-Viciana, Dr Sean Davidson (rotation supervisors)

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Albert Henry
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PhD Project Title: Discovery and validation of therapeutic targets for heart failure using expression and protein quantitative trait loci in Mendelian randomisation framework

Supervisors: Dr Tom Lumbers

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Roshni Joshi
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PhD Project Title: Triglycerides, triglyceride containing lipoproteins and cardiovascular disease: causal relevance and potential therapeutic targets.

Supervisors: Professor Aroon Hingorani

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Vanessa Acquaah

PhD Project Title: Rotation Year

Supervisors: Professor Alun Hughes 

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