UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


Vascular Surgical Science

Lead(s): Dr Janice Tsui

Group Members: Mr O Agu, T Mastracci, Prof G Hamilton.

Location: Royal Free Hospital

Overview: The group has a programme of resreach incorporating the following domains: 1. Vascular biology - lab based research mainly focusing on Inflammation in PAD and diabetic wound healing; tissue protection and regeneration ischaemia muscle. Main collaborators: Prof David Abraham & group (UCL Research Dept of Inflammation), Dr Charlotte Lawson, Royal Vet College 2. Mesenchymal stem cells- collagen constructs in diabetic foot ulceration collaborating with Umber Cheema (UCL), Alan Dardik (Yale). 3. Biomaterials/ cardiovascular devices. Small diameter vascular graft - working towards clinical trial (s), funded by Wellcome Trust, with G Hamilton. Small diameter vascular stents - pre clinical, working on surface modification of different polymer coatings and coverings, biofunctionalisation. 4. Systems biology approach to vascular diseases. Vascular surgery is one of the flagship programmes for the UCL Institute of Health Care Engineering Working on modelling of vein graft failure, aortic dissection, arterial calcification and AV fistulae, with Obi Agu (vascular surgeon), Vanessa Diaz (engineering), Alan Dardik (vasc surgeon, Yale)


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