UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science


Student Projects

Bioinformatics-based projects completed by UCL undergraduate and graduate students have provided over 2300 Gene Ontology annotations to 300 proteins through the curation of 223 papers

The Functional Gene Annotation Team offer bioinformatics-based projects that provide the student with experience in the following;

  • searching for information in online bioinformatics databases
  • interpreting published scientific experiments
  • biocuration of scientific literature
  • in-depth application of the Gene Ontology to describe the functional roles of gene products
  • use of online comparative genomics tools
  • use of functional analysis tools

During the course of their projects, the students also contribute valuable GO annotations.

The majority of these projects have been undertaken by students attending the the UCL Genetics Institute's MSc in Genetics of Human Disease. These students are required to complete a project consisting of an original piece of research. However, annotation projects have also been undertaken by PhD students and iBSc students.

Past and Current projects

YearTitleProject markStudent
2022Describing the microRNAs that regulate SOCS1 using the Gene OntologyMSc (RVC)Aleksandra Michalak
2021Using the Gene Ontology to describing the role of microRNAs in a regulating a PPARG pathwayMScArmalya Pritazahra
2021Using Gene Ontology to describe microRNAs with a role in glioblastomaMScMeltem Erdol
2021Using the Gene Ontology to describe disregulated mouse microRNAsBSc (RVC)Mohamed Ali Kadhum
2021Annotation of PPARG associated pathwaysPhDRenzhi Su
2021Annotation of T2D risk loci associated proteins with no experimentally supported biological process annotationsPhD 3-month rotationYue Jiang
2020Describing the role of microRNAs in regulating the expression of the 'bad' amyloid-beta receptors using a bioinformatics approach Diana Luna Buitrago
2020Describing the role of microRNAs in regulating tau-associated processes using a bioinformatics approach Miao Long
2020A bioinformatic approach to describing the role of microRNAs in atrial fibrillation MeritPraoparn Asanitthong
2020A bioinformatic approach to describing the role of microRNAs in foam cell formationDistinctionAngeline Pesala
2020Describing the cardiac conduction system development using Gene OntologyPhD 3-month rotationKan Yan Chloe Li
2019Describing the role of PI3K isoforms in cell migration and adhesion in angiogenesis using bioinformatic resourcesDistinctionHeather Gunn
2019Describing the role of microRNAs in pulmonary arterial hypertension using bioinformatic resourcesDistinctionRenzhi Su
2019Using a bioinformatics approach to investigate the role of miRNAs in the regulation of key proteins involved in Alzheimer's diseaseMeritSandra Pinheiro
2019Describing the role of microRNAs in regulating the blood brain barrier using a bioinformatic approachDistinctionKatherine Thurlow
2019Describing the role of microRNAs in angiogenesis using a bioinformatic approachDistinctionMarios Makris
2018Describing the role of microRNAs in Alzheimer’s disease using a bioinformatic approachDistinctionShirin Saverimuttu
2018Genetic pathways involved in aortic valve developmentPhDSaddullah Ahmed
2017   Cell Migration and Adhesion as a Mechanism of Resistance to Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitor Nilotinib in Glioblastoma  MeritJack Rawson
2017Functional annotation of microRNAs targeting the key genes implicated in Familial HypercholesterolemiaDistinctionHao Chen
2016Describing the role of microRNAs in early heart development, with a focus on microRNA-1, using a bioinformatic approachDistinctionVanessa Acquaah
2015Describing the role of the TGF beta superfamily signalling pathway in embryonic cardiac valvular development using Gene Ontology annotationsDistinctionAlex Deng
2015Discovering the role of the miR-29 family in aortic aneurysm using Gene OntologyDistinctionZara Umrao
2015Functional annotation of proteins involved in lipid transport and metabolismMeritFiona Ratnaraj
2014Functional annotation of folate-related genes using the Gene Ontology in relation to pregnancy and fetal developmentDistinctionHadil Alrohaif
2014Bioinformatics annotation of the proteins involved in HemochromatosisDistinctionKlaus Mitchell
2011Describing the role of the Notch signaling pathway in cardiac development using a bioinformatic approachMeritGreg Rowe
2010Comprehensive Gene Ontology annotations on synaptogenesis and behavioural response associated with autistic spectrum disorderDistinctionSejal Patel