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The MRC LHA has around 45 staff and students, split into the following groups:


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Science support

The aim of the Science Support Team (SST) at the LHA is to provide scientists with a productive and efficient support environment that frees them to pursue world-class research into ageing.

The SST undertakes a number of vital activities in collaboration with LHA scientists that enables the LHA to achieve its research goals.

  • Helen Bowden, Research Nurse
  • Dr Philip Curran, PhD, Head of Data Services
  • Katrin Hoffmann, Research Nurse
  • Dr Jo Hornby, Study Manager and Public Engagement Officer
  • Jane Johnson, BSc (Hons), Unit Administrator
  • Rebecca Lewis, Research Department Administrator
  • April McGowan, Project Assistant
  • Adam Moore, MA, Data Manager
  • Dr Caitlin O'Grady, PhD, Research Manager
  • Rachel Perera, MSc,  Research Adminstrator
  • Dr Stephanie Pilling, PhD, Research Manager
  • Maria Popham, MSc, Study Manager
  • Alicja Rapala, Project Manager
  • Imran Shah, MSc, Data Repository Manager
  • Rebecca Street, BSc, Research Adminstrator
  • Dr Andrew Wong, PhD, Senior NSHD Research Study Manager

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PhD students

  • Lamia Al Saikhan
  • Joanna Blodgett, UCL MRC Studentship
  • Nasri Faith,  UCL MRC Studentship
  • Fran Harkness, UCL MRC Studentship
  • Antoine Salzmann, UCL MRC Studentship
  • Sam Searle
  • Han Seo, UCL MRC Studentship
  • Alison Sizer, ESRC Studentship
  • Lorna Smith
  • Charis Bridger Staatz, UCL-Birkbeck MRC DTP Studentship 
  • Hannah Taylor
  • Alex Tsui, Alzheimer Society Studentship
  • Brian Wong

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