UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Science




Cardiovascular disease can require multiple imaging techniques in order to detect both the presence and extent of disease. The Centre for Cardiovascular Imaging is dedicated to advancing the field of cardiovascular imaging in order to improve patient management, and facilitate innovative research. We use MR, CT, echocardiography, PET, SPECT & PET/CT and unique hybrid imaging modalities such as XMR (hybrid MR and cardiac catheterisation) & PET/MR. We develop novel methodology and utilise multi-modality imaging techniques to provide rapid translation into clinical practice. In addition, we can provide teaching expertise in defining the anatomy and function in congenital heart disease. At UCL, the Centre provides a strong platform for cardiovascular imaging and a unique infrastructure which is used by the entire UCL campus, and our partner organisations.

Our main imaging activities are divided into themes and can involve both humans and small animals. Research is currently performed over 4 sites- Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), University College London Hospital, The Heart Hospital, and the Royal Free Hospital. 

Primary Areas of Research