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Vascular Physiology

Prof John Deanfield

Group Members
Dr Marietta Charakida, Dr Riyaz Patel, Dr Stefano Masi, Dr Scott Chiesa, Mrs Devina Bhowruth, Mrs Helen Nguyen, Ms Caroline Doyle, Ms Paula Crowhurst

Level 2 East, 1 St Martin’s le Grand, London EC1A 4NP

The Vascular Physiology Unit researches the pathophysiology underlying the development of atherosclerosis throughout its life-course. By using novel genetic techniques alongside extensive clinical phenotyping, we have the ability to detect disease well before the appearance of clinical events, enabling research on prevention. 

We have established well characterised cohorts with collaborators within UCL and outside. With Bristol University we have studied the ALSPAC population at 10, 17 and 20 years and now work with Professor Alun Hughes to perform a further cardiovascular (CV) evaluation at 24 years. We are exploring genetic, environmental influences on CV structure and function. In collaboration with Great Ormond Street Hospital, we are exploring the causes and consequences of CV disease (CVD) in children with chronic kidney disease and the impact of renal supportive treatment. In collaboration with the Farr Institute and with Public Health England, we have developed a Dementia CV Prevention Programme which aims to identify CV phenotypes and risk factors on the causal pathway for dementia, improve dementia risk stratification and increasing public awareness on the link between CVD risk and cognitive decline. 

We are undertaking randomised clinical trials to assess the impact of interventions in preclinical patients. With Cambridge University we have successfully completed the multi-national Adolescent Type-1 diabetes cardio-renal  Intervention Trial (AdDIT), and are now following the outcome over five years as part of a new AdDIT follow-up programme. Through partnerships formed from a recent Leducq Network, we continue to work with collaborators at the Cleveland Clinic and the Charité Hospital Berlin, to investigate novel metabolic mechanisms contributing to disease progression. We have a longstanding collaboration with the UCL Eastman Dental Institute which enables us to study the impact of periodontal disease on systemic health. Several trials have examined the causal relationship of chronic systemic inflammation and CV phenotype as well as diabetes control.  

In addition to our physiological research we host the major longitudinal CV registries in the UK, covering CV treatments and complications (more than 4.5million electronic patient records). This unique platform will permit large scale observational research and facilitates conduct of randomised clinical trials at scale.

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Contact details
Professor John E. Deanfield BA Hons MB BChir (Cantab) FRCP  BHF Chair of Congenital Heart Disease  Director, National Centre for Cardiovascular Prevention & Outcomes incorporating NICOR UCL Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences 1 St Martin Le Grande London EC1A 4NP Tel: +44 (0) 203 108 7684 E-Mail: j.deanfield@ucl.ac.uk

Executive Assistant: Paula Crowhurst  p.crowhurst@ucl.ac.uk Tel: +44 (0) 203 108 7684

Centre Manager: Caroline Doyle c.doyle@ucl.ac.uk Tel: +44 (0) 207 679 9411